The Committee

Morgan and Stephanie are first cousins and best friends from New York City on a mission to save empty walls.

A Junior at the University of Pennsylvania, Morgan is studying Art History and Architecture and enjoys furniture design and learning languages. Her eye for unique art developed through traveling abroad and digging in flea markets. Her apartment is often called “the gallery” by friends because of how filled her walls are.  

Stephanie, a Senior at the George Washington University of Business, is studying Innovation and Sustainability and is passionate about real estate. A businesswoman at heart, numbers love her.

Abby is a lovely new addition to the Committee. Her background in Art History & her passion for interior design makes her an amazing scout for the art that you can purchase on our site!


Morgan, Stephanie & Abby have combined their strengths to curate your walls and ensure that they go from empty to chic at an affordable price.


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